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Is a Horse Camp in Your Child’s Summer?

By Ron Victor
Summer Horse Camp
Summer is fast approaching, are you considering sending your child to a summer camp with a horse program? Surely a lot of questions like what will my child learn? What kinds of horses are kept at these camps? Will normally arise.

A summer horse camp is a camp with a focus on horses-riding. The camp sessions may run from a single day to eight weeks long, depending upon the facility and the program selected. Many offer day camps that teach young children and novices the basics of horse riding. Most camps offer longer sessions where they teach horsemanship techniques to a variety of skill levels. Many of these camps are operated on full-time basis, year around horse farms. The summer camp program is great part of what the farms generally do. The farms also raise horses. It may train or board horses for other people. It will likely have programs whole year long, weather and climate permitting, where people of all ages can ride or learn to ride. Horses and horsemanship is a full-time business for these persons. Others are held at facilities that will not be horse farms, but keep all year at least part of the horses they use.

A horsemanship camp is a great way for your young child to learn the responsibility of caring for another living creature. They put children in an outdoor environment and help developing good socialization skills. A summer camp with a horse program has added benefit of teaching youngsters about these magnificent animals and developing horsemanship skills.

Summer programs with horses as the central theme and related activities are found in all regions of the country. Some will focus on the equestrian skills and knowledge. These programs will have classroom studies and seminars that include basics of horse anatomy and the nature of horses along with instruction on feeding, care, and riding.

These programs will assign the camper a horse for a three-week session. The care and feeding of that horse will be the responsibility of the child there. Riding skills will also be taught. Many camps will concentrate on English riding styles. Dressage techniques and patterns are practiced with eventing and show jumping. Many of these facilities have cross-country courses for more advanced riders and horses. Summer horse camps are often found on horse farms. These facilities include horse stables, pastures, show or performance arenas, and, depending upon the camp, a cross-country course also. Most also include access to trails through wooded or wilderness areas with proper guidance. Some will provide both covered and outdoor arenas. Most are set in beautiful landscapes complete with white board fences and other pastoral farm amenities for safety.

Safety is the primary element of the activities. Riders are always required to wear approved helmets and boots while on the horse. Every effort is made to match the right horse to the camper’s riding skills and their capabilities. Everyone is aware that horses are big animals, and because of their sheer size, can be dangerous in most extraordinary situations. So every effort is made to reduce the possible risks to the most minimal levels…

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