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Modern Horse Barns

This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Barn

by Mary Haley, Editor

The Horse Barn

Horse Barns have changed considerably since the corncribs and haylofts of my youth. About the most labor saving convenience an old barn could offer was a hay manger that opened to the hayloft or top floor. That way, hay could be dropped into the manger eliminating the need to carry hay bales down ladders. Compared to back then, modern amenities make horse care much easier, safer and significantly less time consuming.

One modern work and time saving device is the automatic watering system. These systems provide a constant supply of fresh cool water for your horses by replenishing the water as it is used. Some systems operate with electricity and some without. Many have features that prevent your horse’s water from freezing in winter.

Mounting of the watering system can be done either on the floor of the stall or on the wall depending on the location of the plumbing. Placing automatic horse watering equipment in pastures, fields or paddocks is also a labor saving option. Automatic water delivery systems are clean, safe and efficient. This translates to saving you time, money, and energy. Oh, and happy horses, too.

Another time saving feature for your horse barn is the automatic horse feeder. It dispenses a set amount of your favorite brand of horse feed, oats, or pellet food at preset intervals even when you are away. Automatic horse feeders can be powered by electricity or by batteries. Some are electric with back up batteries that only function in case of power failure. There are also solar powered battery chargers to keep the batteries charged and your horse or horses fed.

The addition of an automatic spraying system to your horse barn plans will also make caring for your horses much more trouble-free. These systems can be modified to handle as small or as large a barn as you require. It is recommended that installation include one sprayer nozzle per each 10 x 10 stall. The choice of horse-safe insecticides is up to the owner. Timers make the job effortless and insure the most economical use of the product for the greatest control of pests in your barn.

Cleaning and grooming your horse can eat up valuable play or training time. Incorporating a wash and grooming station in your barn can give you back a good portion of that time. The station should include a source of running water, a rack for your cleaning products and grooming articles and a sprayer head that gives you control of the spray pattern and water pressure.

In case your horse has an aversion to cold water, you can purchase a portable water heater that provides hot water in just seconds. The water is heated by a propane tank and the portable unit has various attachments, which makes it adaptable to many other uses in outdoor activities such as camping and trail riding.

Increasing the pleasure and decreasing the work of owning a horse is a matter of having the proper equipment for the specific task. Just as we enjoyed the adventure of playing in Grandpa’s barn when we were kids – you can make the time you spend in your own barn much more enjoyable with modern labor saving features. With all the technology available today, you can design a state-of-the-art horse barn that brings back some of the fun of Grandpa’s barn…

This article may be reprinted with permission so long as no changes are made to the text and the following credit appears: 2006-2008 Horse Resource Organization Information, products and resources related exclusively to horses. Author: Mary Haley.

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